I’m Young Lee, and I’m thrilled to share my passion for calligraphy with you. My style is defined by bold, deep monotone strokes inspired by nature’s beauty. Each piece I create reflects the serene flow of streams, the strength of ancient trees, and the elegance of blooming flowers.

In my classes, I focus not just on technique but on capturing the essence of nature in your writing. We’ll explore brush control, character formation, and how to express your creativity through each stroke. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to advance, my goal is to guide you in finding your own voice in the art of calligraphy.

I look forward to our creative journey together!

Warm regards,

Young Lee

Our about

The Art of Sagunja: Capturing Nature in Calligraphy

Sagunja (四君子), or the “Four Gentlemen,” is a traditional motif in East Asian calligraphy and painting, representing the four noble plants: plum blossom (梅), orchid (蘭), bamboo (竹), and chrysanthemum (菊). Each plant symbolizes unique virtues:

In her art, Young Lee brings Sagunja to life through her bold and expressive calligraphy, blending traditional techniques with her own modern flair. Her works capture the essence of each plant:

Recommended Supplies

Hwang-Mo (황모) Calligraphy Brush

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Beginner’s Clases: $200 / month – meets 4 times a week

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